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Pole Barns


Is a pole barn right for you? If you're on a tight budget and need to build a small to mid-size barn in a hurry, you'll find that pole barn construction is ideally suited to the task. Pole barns are highly versatile structures. With the right plans, a mid-sized stucture with post-frame construction will provide substantial clear spans. (The rafters on larger structures are supported by sunk or surface-mounted columns.)

Pole barns are fast and economical to build -- a basic unfinished structure might be closed in within a week at well under $25.00 per square foot. As always, the devil (and the costs) are in the details.

Upgrade that roofing or siding, add a bunch of trim, a slew of windows, and a cupola and you'll do the time and pay the cost.


The versatility starts at the foundation. Depending on the design, pole barns can be built with posts set directly in the ground (without a concrete slab foundation) or built with the posts fastened to a slab. It's even possible to design a pole barn that initially sets the posts in the ground, with a concrete slab floor poured once the structure is complete.

While siding choices are varied, metal siding most often gets the nod over wood.


Rather than cost or aesthetics, speed of construction and ease of maintenance are often the deciding factor. Roofing is most often made of steel.

Pole barns are appropriate for a wide range of uses, not just for agricultural storage or backyard storage sheds, but for commercial and industrial uses, as well. Pole barns are widely used as housing for cows, pigs, poultry, and horses. Wide spans make the structures especially appealing for use as indoor riding facilities.

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